erik lundegaard

Wednesday September 30, 2020

'This is What Trump is Like. Every Day.'

What—me worry? 

“Republicans are resigned to the fact that Trump is unlikely––or unwilling––to course-correct. 'Trump thinks he won. He didn't,' said another Republican with ties to the campaign. 'But does anyone have the balls to tell him that? No. They'd be fired.'

”Trump doesn't accept the consensus that the debate was a disaster because, sources said, he was unabashedly himself. 'The thing about the debate is people got to see why no one that has any integrity can work for Trump. This is what Trump is like in the Oval Office every day. It's why [John] Kelly left. It's why [Jim] Mattis quit,' said the prominent Republican. 'Trump doesn't let anyone else speak. He really doesn't care what you have to say. He demeans people. He talks over them. And everyone around him thinks it's getting worse.'“

-- from ”Trumpworld Panics Over Debate Fiasco as Campaign Turmoil Mounts," by Gabriel Sherman, on the Vanity Fair site

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