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Friday July 09, 2021

'Fergie Jenkins Liked Your Reply'

Is this the best part of social media? Or maybe the only good part of social media? 

The other day, Fergie Jenkins, the great Ferguson Jenkins, the Hall of Fame pitcher for the Cubs and Rangers who was the first pitcher to retire with > 3,000 Ks and < 1,000 BBs, posted this on Twitter, with video of him pitching to Harmon Killebrew in the 1971 All-Star Game:

I watched the video knowing what I know—Killebrew went deep on him. This is that All-Star game when Reggie Jackson took Dock Ellis so deep it nearly tore off the transom on the top of Tigers Stadium, and at the end of the day six future Hall of Famers hit homeruns: Jackson, Henry Aaron, Frank Robinson, Johnny Bench, Roberto Clemente, and Killebrew. That's 3,106 career homeruns between them—or an average of 500+. The wind was blowing strongly to right field, which is where Jackson and most of them hit it. Clemente went center. Only Killebrew hit it into the wind. 

Anyway, I expected someone to mention that the video cut out too quickly—before Killer's homer—but nobody had. So I did. 

Woke up to this:

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