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Sunday February 26, 2023

'Everything Everywhere' Gets Every Guild Award Everywhere

Last weekend, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” won the DGA, or Directors Guild Award, and this weekend it won the PGA (Producers) and SAG (Screen Actors) cast award. (As well as actress for Michelle Yeoh, supporting actress for Jamie Lee Curtis, and supporting actor for Ke Huy Quan.) That's a lot of guild awards. So is the Oscar race over already?

Put it another way: Has any movie won all three guild awards and not won the Oscar for best picture?

We can only go back to '96, when SAG cast awards began, but these are the only movies that won all three guilds:

  • 1999: American Beauty
  • 2002: Chicago
  • 2003: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
  • 2007: No Country for Old Men
  • 2008: Slumdog Millionaire
  • 2010: The King's Speech
  • 2012: Argo
  • 2014: Birdman

And yes, they all wound up winning the Oscar for best picture—though two directors did not win director. In 2002, best director didn't go to Rob Marshall for “Chicago” but Roman Polanski for “The Pianist” (a much better movie anyway), while in 2012 Ben Affleck wasn't even nom'ed so they went with Ang Li for “Life of Pi.” Interesting we went abroad both times. 

Point being: Don't pick against “Everything Everywhere” in your Oscar pool.

Another point worth mentioning is how divisive “EEAAO” is turning out to be. Some people love it, some hate hate hate it, while I'm more of a shrug. It went a few universes too far for me, and didn't know when to end, but ultimately I don't have a dog in the hunt so ... [shrug].

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