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Wednesday May 01, 2019

'A Casual Disdain and Contempt'

It was a bad day for America.

From Greg Sargent of the Wasington Post on Bill Barr's testimony today before Congress today:

Throughout, there was a kind of casual disdain and contempt not just for the congressional proceedings but also for the very notion that any of his conduct thus far raises any legitimate concerns — let alone that he should have to waste his time addressing them — that was deeply disconcerting.

To take just a few examples, at one point Barr was pressed on the fact that he previously told Congress he didn’t have any idea what was behind the Mueller team’s leaks of frustration over Barr’s summary — even though we now know that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III explicitly laid out his concerns in a letter well in advance of that.

Barr dissembled in almost comical fashion, making an utterly absurd distinction between what the Mueller team members had leaked and what Mueller himself told Barr in that letter. It’s like the fellow wasn’t even trying, or didn’t even think he needed to try.

Here's a question to ask Barr: Do you think you could get away with this without right-wing propaganda from Fox News, Rush, Drudge, Alex, Breitbart, Sinclair, et al.? 

Either way, it's time the rest of us realized we‘re dealing with entities that don’t give a shit, because they don't have to. That's the battle. 

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