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Why Watching Isn't Enjoying

What greeted me when I went to Netflix just now:

New Release For You!
Because you enjoyed:

  • Idiocracy
  • Swimming with Sharks

We think you'll enjoy:

  • Visioneers

I hate this kind of thing. I watched “Idiocracy” but that doesn't mean I enjoyed it. In fact I was horribly disappointed by it. And while I re-watched “Swimming with Sharks” for this article, that doesn't mean I liked it any more than when I saw it in a theater in '95. Which is to say: Not much.

Hollywood makes this kind of mistake all the time. See, for example, this year's backlash against “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” which, yes, many people watched.

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Posted at 08:20 PM on Thu. Jul 23, 2009 in category Movies  


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