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Last week I wondered how much “Wolverine”’s box office would fall off during its second weekend and suggested north of 60% wouldn’t be good news for the franchise. Well, the numbers are in. It’s 69%.

What does that mean? A 69%, second-weekend drop is the 61st-worst in boxofficemojo’s tracking period (roughly, since 1980), but even this stat is misleading. The worst second-weekend dropoff, for example, is a 2005 film called “Undiscovered,” which fell off 86.4% from its first weekend. But Lions Gate, which pushed it into 1,304 theaters that first weekend, was already pulling out, and left it in only 754 theaters its second weekend. The steep dropoff, in other words, represented more a preemptive studio strike rather than audience disinterest—although there was obviously that, too. “Wolverine,” in comparison, increased its theater total for the second weekend, by three, to 4,102 theaters.

Here’s what’s more telling. “Wolverine”'s is the worst such dropoff for any film that opened in 4,000+ theaters, beating out the May 2007 sequels, “Pirates 3” and “Spider-Man 3,” both of which dropped 61.5% their second weekend.

Expand down to films that opened in 3,000+ theaters? It’s tied, with “Elektra,” for sixth-worst:

1.  Friday the 13th (2009)  -80.4%
2.  Doom  -72.7%
3.  Hellboy II  -70.7%
4.  Eragon  -69.9%
5.  Hulk (2003)  -69.7%
6.  Elektra  -69%
6.  Wolverine  -69%

What do the above movies have in common? With the exception of “Hellboy II”  (whose second weekend was “Dark Knight”’s first), and Ang Lee's “Hulk,” they all have lousy scores on Rotten Tomatoes. I'm talking less than 20%. In laymen’s terms, they sucked.

In fact you could program a not-bad “Movie Festival in Hell” from the films on the dropoff list. Here's your schedule: Start out with “From Justin to Kelly” at 10 a.m., offer “Captivity” at noon, then, say, “Pluto Nash,” “North,” “Miss March,” “Return to the Blue Lagoon” and top it off with “Gigli.”

Not exactly the company Wolverine wants to keep. Or any of us.

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Mister B wrote:

Why are our CIA agents even attempting waterboarding when that list above can be cheaper, easier to acquire, more legal and more effective?

My guess is the 20th hijacker from 9/11 doesn't make it halfway through "Pluto Nash".
Comment posted on Tue. May 12, 2009 at 11:39 PM

Aaron Reid wrote:

This comment is going to seem unrelated but bear with me:

I took a quiz on Facebook last night in which I had to pick 5 celebrities (not necessarily thesbians but *any* celebrity) to make up my Super 5 Crime Fighting Team (or something to that effect). I spent WAY too long thinking about these because at first I was picking out superheroes and then I realized, I could go for historical figures, real celebrities, even people that I thought would *do* a good job. In the end, my choices veered from imaginary to silly to serious to... something more balanced.

Feel free to comment/slam me/whatever:
James T Kirk
Malcolm X
Abraham Lincoln
Angelina Jolie

Ok, here's the connection: As I read Erik's article and then B's comment, I thought... we need to be using these celebrities who *think* they're great and dropping them into the middle east to de-stablize the terrorist regimes already there with their really lame antics.

I'm thinking:

Adam Sandler
Will Ferrell
Eddie Murphy

Comment posted on Wed. May 13, 2009 at 07:04 AM
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