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In case you haven't heard, Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Dish is creating his own business model.

What writing, in the digital age, is worth paying for? Sullivan's, I would argue, so I signed up. Even though I could still read most of his blog without paying a dime. There will be no paywall. But I figure I already owe him that much. $19.99 for a year? Please.

The New Yorker, too, is worth paying for, despite their new online love for Andy Borowitz, and I'm already paying for that. Ditto The New York Times. I'd pay for Joe Posnanski if he asked. Maybe I'll buy him a beer when he's in town. Let me know, Joe.

What about you?

Brave new world that has such blogs in it. You can sign up for Sully here.

Posted at 04:50 PM on Thu. Jan 03, 2013 in category Media  


Fifth Column wrote:

As ever, the quality of your love for Sully is not strain'd. I give him some props for modeling what a worthwhile blog can be, but he is not forgiven nor forgiveable for anything else. And at his core he hasn't changed any of his worst attributes.

Comment posted on Fri. Jan 11, 2013 at 02:11 PM
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