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Jordy's Reviews: “Megamind” (2010)

You asked for it (OK, Jerry Grillo asked for it) and here it is: a review of “Megamind” by my nine-year-old nephew Jordy...

“Megamind” is like a marathon of coolness: it is great! Still… aw, who cares about the problems, it’s still good. But remember, I said good. Megamind is a parody of Superman in story, it really is. It goes like this: planet about to be sucked into black hole. Parents put child into pod thing. Pod lands on earth. Seriously, the only thing that makes the story succeed is that that they add some twists: the twists are all not making any difference in how I think of the story: I still think it is a parody of Superman.

The big twist is that another planet has the same idea, and the other planet sends home the good guy, while Megamind (Will Ferell) is the bad guy. If you’re wondering how he becomes a bad guy, his pod lands in prison, and he grows up learning the opposite way of life: crime. In one of their fights, he kills Superma-Metro Man (Brad Pitt) while Metroman’s closest (Tina Fey) is as about as shocked as Megamind is. (If you’re wondering why I brought that up, she’s an important part of the film.) But after Metro Man’s death, another supervillian comes to town, but was this destiny? Was this meant to happen so Megamind could be mega good? Find out by watching the movie!

The cast is excellent, and Cross steals the show as minion. I also thought the dialogue was good, as it entertains you along the way. I thought that the visuals were good, but needed to be more crowded. Look at the crowd at the opening of Metro Man’s ******! Wait, did you censor that? Good.

However, it does have a few problems. For example, it lacks originality. If you compare it to other movies, you’ll notice that some of the scenes have already been done before, yet in other movies. There is nothing wrong with parody (except when it becomes a cliché-yeah, I’m talking to you, parodying The Matrix!) but they just ran out of ideas here!  The movie just regurgitates plot points from other animated efforts, as well as being the son of Despicable Me and The Incredibles, and I would prefer those any day. It also is just as not as funny as it should be. Yeah, I know about the whole “Presentation” thing, but it had less laughs than it should have, and, considering it’s a comedy, it detracts from the film.

But even though the problems do detract from it, “Megamind” is still a good movie. Sure, it may be nominated for animated movie of the year (never going to win, though!) but unlike “How To Train Your Dragon,” it is not a must-see movie. Even though it’s hard to not find something that has been done in a movie before, it’s also hard to not like “Megamind,” and even though this movie is not one of the geniuses of 2010, it is pretty good, and if you ever get time, go see it. (Consider this if you haven’t seen the other greats of this year.)

(Please comment on what you think of my review and say what you think I should review in the future, and try not to pick something that is rated “R”, because I only saw “The Terminator”, and my dad has been regretting it ever since. Also pick video games, and I want my fair share of badness! Also, “M” rated games apply the same rules as “R” rated movies!)

 81% Okay For: 7+

Jordan Muschler, 2010

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Jerry Grillo wrote:

Bravo, Jordan. I love your first line, “marathon of coolness.” And I agree with you about David Cross as Minion — very good performance, very funny. I also liked him as Crane in Kung Fu Panda.

After seeing this film, we came home and put on The Incredibles. You can't go wrong with that one!

Now we look forward to seeing Despicable Me someday soon.

Thanks again for a wonderful, well-written review.

Comment posted on Wed. Dec 01, 2010 at 07:23 AM

Tim.mcguire wrote:

Great review. I was not interested in this movie but your review plus the load of stars that I enjoy... It will probably make it on our Netflix Queue.
Yes, how could anything top the Incredibles?

I'd really like to see a review of “Epic Mickey” for the Wii

Comment posted on Wed. Dec 01, 2010 at 10:44 AM

Jordy wrote:

Tim.Mcguire: you might have to wait until Christmas for Epic Mickey, but I shall do Epic Mickey.

Comment posted on Wed. Dec 01, 2010 at 05:36 PM

Ross wrote:

Nice review, Jordy. Thanks for calling out the ridiculous over-use of Matrix parodies in movies over the past 10 years!

For video games, how about Donkey Kong Country Returns? I grew up playing the original DKC game and I'm wondering if somebody who didn't have those happy memories would enjoy the new game as much as I would.

Comment posted on Thu. Dec 09, 2010 at 10:43 AM
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