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Friday July 27, 2018

Jellybean, as Filmed by Wes Anderson

“Felis Catus,” as my nephew Jordy said.

Jellybean, as filmed by Wes Anderson

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Tuesday January 20, 2015

Jellybean Answers the #CatJumpFail Videos

This is one of those #CatJumpFail videos I see from time to time on my Facebook feed:

This is my cat Jellybean. She is part Maine Coon, part domestic longhair:

Jellybean and the umbrella

And this is Jellybean answering those #CatJumpFail videos (there are a few subtitles):

Any questions?

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Monday September 09, 2013

Just What the Internet Needs, Erik: A Cute Cat Photo

Whenever Patricia is away and I'm home I send her a photo of Jellybean, our cat, because she misses her. Because look:

Jellybean, asleep

Jellybean, in her element.

This is the one from this weekend.

One of P's former coworkers once called Jellybean a fluffy meringue. She was right.

Related: Stephen Colbert on NYC's subway kitten crisis and the one candidate willing to take a stand.

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Sunday March 03, 2013

Photo of the Day

Jellybean in a sleeping bag

Hope you're having a cozy Sunday. Jellybean is.

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Tuesday December 25, 2012

A Very Jellybean Christmas

Jellybean Christmas Cat 2012

This will be our December pic for next year's calendar, “The 12 Months of Jellybean.”

So what'd you get for Christmas? I got “Nixonland” by Rick Perlstein and “11/22/63” by Stephen King and “The Big Screen” by David Thomson and an Ernest Hemingway/For Whom the Bell Tolls T-shirt and a coffee mug from Powell's Books in Portland and an Arc de Triomph pillholder and chocolate. No, but like tons of chocolate. Like so much chocolate you wouldn't believe. Like bars and everthing. Yeah, in the stocking. Plus clothes. So like clothes and books and chocolate. How about you?

Jellybean got a plane. I'm not kidding. But right now she's happy with the wrapping.

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