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Monday September 08, 2014

New York Jeters Honor Jeter at Jeter Stadium

Yesterday was Derek Jeter Day at Yankee Stadium. There was a pregame farewell. It went long. Fans kept applauding. Then the Yankees went out and lost to the Kansas City Royals 2-0.

In his piece on the day (“Yankees Honor Derek Jeter as an Icon of his Generation” according to the URL; “Celebrating Glory, with Little Hope to Add to It,” according to the headline), Tyler Kepner gives us this startling bit of math: “The Royals have not reached the postseason since Jeter was in sixth grade, but they shut out the Yankees twice in three games.”

Sixth grade? Can that be right? That was in 1985 and Jeter started in the Yankees minor league system in 1992. Can only seven years separate sixth graders from minor leaguers? I guess.

The line that made me laugh out loud, though, was this:

The Yankees removed the Royals’ flag — and the flag of every other major league team — from atop Yankee Stadium, ringing their imperial palace with Jeter flags. His No. 2 flapped overhead while adorning the Yankees’ sleeves and caps down below, as it will for the rest of the season.

If this all seems a bit much, the players would never complain.

Removing the rest of Major League Baseball from your stadium? To honor one 40-year-old man? Why would anyone complain? 

Indeed, maybe flags and patches aren't enough. Maybe the Yankees should rename the team for Jeter. Maybe they should rename the stadium for Jeter. Here's the question you need to ask yourselves: What have *you* done for Derek Jeter lately? Because he's retiring you know.

Derek Jeter, George W. Bush

Jeter (left) with another retiree last month in Texas.

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Saturday August 09, 2014

David Simon Uses the NY Yankees to Prove There is No God

David Simon, co-creator of “The Wire,” has an article in Sports Illustrated on his team, the Baltimore Orioles, and its chance of making the postseason this year. Any fan of any franchise that hasn't done well in, say, the last 30 years, will identify. 

But this is the quote that had me nodding my head. Simon is writing about how the O's might win because anything can happen in an infinite universe. Then he asks, “How do we know this?”

Well, for one thing, there is no God. There is only science. If there were a God, he would be—as evidenced by all of modern baseball history—a devoted fan of the Yankees. And God, at least the Judeo-Christian version of Him rather than the Aristotelian unmoved mover, is said to be good. Ergo, there is no God.

Of course, Douglass Wallop had an alternative theory on Yankee domination.

Jeter and Rivera with the Yankees 27th World Series trophy, 2009

Jeter and Rivera celebrate another triumph in a godless universe, 2009.

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Thursday July 31, 2014

'I believe you've been waiting for this photo all your life'

My friend Adam Wahlberg posted this link, with the photo below, and the words above, on my Facebook page last night. I cracked up. 

Derek Jeter and George W. Bush: touching

He knows I'm not a fan of either man—although I'd still take Jeter in a New York minute over W. I actually have admiration for Jeter. I just have no admiration for Jeter overadmiration, which is everywhere, even in Texas. Looking at the photo, I thought, all we need is “Transformers 2” playing in the background to complete the trifecta. My great big ICK of the first decade of the 21st century. 

For more on these subjects, click the tags below.

In the meantime, what would your ICK trifecta look like? 

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Monday July 21, 2014

Actually, Wallace Matthews, That is Exactly What I Want

From the York columnist's post on the Yankees 4-2 loss to the woeful Texas Rangers tonight:

Not what you want: Derek Jeter with the bases loaded, that is. The captain ran his streak of futility to 0-for-8 (he has two sacrifice flies) with the bases loaded this season, rapping into a 4-6-3 double play to end the fifth inning with the Yankees clinging to a 2-1 lead. 

Anyone have a GIF of this? So I can watch it again and again?

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Tuesday July 15, 2014

Just Retire Already

Apparently this ad premiered last night during the HR Derby:

It was posted on YouTube with this tagline:

No matter what hat you wear, tip it to The Captain. #RE2PECT

Sorry. I don't have anything to tip to the Cap'n. Just something to flip. #2AWFUL

I just don't get MLB fans and MLB teams anymore. All of these parting gifts for Jeter? A Derek Jeter Day in Chicago? It's as if he never caused you and your team heartache. I can't believe Minnesota gave him anything (other than a razzie) considering what he did to the Twins in the postseason over the years. Ditto Seattle and the Mariners. Jeter has five rings while Ken Griffey Jr. and Edgar Martinez and Jay Buhner never even went? And you want to give him more shit? To comfort him when supermodels aren't enough?

Seriously, if you want to show him respect, boo the crap out of him. That's what we do with opposition players who cause us heartache. Because this stuff? Farewell gifts and pats on the back and polite applause? It's what you give to someone old and feeble and toothless.

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