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Sunday December 23, 2012

I Would Rather Have You Beat the Yankees


--a† telegram (or prose poem) sent by former Pittsburgh Pirates (and St. Louis Cardinals, and Brooklyn Dodgers) general manager Branch Rickey to the 1960 team, which he helped construct, before the 1960 World Series against the New York Yankees. The Pirates taped the telegram to their clubhouse wall, then won it famously in the bottom of the 9th inning during Game 7 when Bill Mazeroski hit a homerun to break a 9-9 tie. Mazeroski is still the only player in MLB history who has ever done what every kid dreams of doing: win Game 7 of the World Series with a homerun. The telegram is mentioned in David Maraniss' book, “Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero,” pg. 110, which is one of seven books I bought today at Powell's Books in Portland, Ore. Good thing we were only there 45 minutes.†

Bill Mazeroski's homerun in the bottom of the 9th inning of Game 7 of the 1960 World Series, to beat the NY Yankees as requested by former GM Branch Rickey

As you wish.

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Tuesday November 27, 2012

Jackie Robinson: Yankees ‘Got No Class’

“The Yankees always managed to emit an image of refinement but up close they could be nasty, and during the [1947] Series they'd been hurling some of the foulest racial epithets [Jackie] Robinson had heard all year. ‘They got no class,’ Robinson told one black reporter. ‘They hide in the dugout and shout at me. If they weren’t yellow, they'd come out in the open and saying something. What are they hollering? All kinds of filth. And race remarks. I wish I knew who they are. Nobody says anything when they get on base or out on the field. If they think they can upset my playing, they‘re crazy.’”

— from Jonathan Eig's book, “Opening Day: The Story of Jackie Robinson's First Season,” pg. 254.

Jackie Robinson, 1947 World Series

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Friday October 19, 2012

What the Yankees Look Like Without Derek Jeter

Here's how Joe Posnanski ended his post about Derek Jeter's injury the other day:

To see him on the ground Saturday night, stretched out, not writhing in pain but instead barely moving at all, it was as if a box of memories opened up, and at the same time that the announcers wondered aloud how the Yankees might go on without Jeter, I tried to imagine how a Yankees team would even LOOK without Derek Jeter at shortstop. It's been so long, I cannot even remember.

Obviously too much attention gets paid to the Yankees because they're the Yankees, so both successes and failures are exaggerated, but this is what the Yankees looked like without Derek Jeter in the lineup:

Game 1, 12th 3 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 .000
Game 2 31 4 1 0 0 3 10 0 0 .129
Game 3 32 5 0 0 1 0 4 1 1 .156
Game 4 30 2 1 1 0 3 12 1 1 .067
Totals 96 11 2 1 1 6 28 2 2 .115

They averaged a hit about every third inning. They only got four extra-base hits: Teixeira's double in the first inning of Game 2, Nunez's homerun in the 9th inning of Game 3, and Nunez's triple and Swisher's double in the 6th inning of Game 4. They scored two runs: both Nunez, Jeter's replacement, who drove himself in and then put himself on third with no one out. They never had a lead.

Meanwhile, Yankees fans, those spoiled shits, are getting screwed over by Yankees management in the new stadium. Here's a snippet from Jonathan Mahler's excellent piece in Bloomberg News:

For years, I shared a package of season tickets with a group of friends. I eventually bailed out, but they still had their tickets when the new stadium opened. In order to keep the same seats — which went from $45 a ticket to $100, in large part because they gave ticket holders access to a cheesy stadium bar called the Jim Beam Suite Lounge — they had to sign a two- year contract. My friends initially balked, but eventually relented after being assured they would have no trouble reselling tickets on the secondary market.

As it turned out, the Jim Beam Suite Lounge wasnít such a big draw. People werenít willing to pay a premium for the tickets, and my friends had to sell their extras at a discount. At the end of the season they informed the Yankees that they wanted to move to cheaper seats. They were told they couldnít, and the Yankees threatened them with litigation if they didnít pay up...

The Yankees can buy all of the players they want, but they canít make them hit. If they donít hit, the team will lose, and Yankees fans — having emptied their wallets to see a winning team — will lash out, or simply stop buying tickets and merchandise altogether.

Last weekend, we witnessed the first rumblings of a mutiny. If things continue at this rate, the new Yankee Stadium may ultimately become just another symbol of an empire in decline.

I'd love to visit that ruin someday.

Alex Rodriguez in the second-to-last at-bat of the 2012 Yankees season

“Five more years! Five more years!”

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Thursday October 18, 2012

Sad Yankees Fan of the Day

Sad Yankees fan of the day: 2012 ALCS Game 4

Since the fourth and final game of the ALCS was in Detroit, there weren't a lot of options for our “Sad Yankees Fan of the Day” award. But near the end of the game, as it became apparent that the Yankees would be swept for the first time in a best-of-7 series since 1976, and not even lead in a postseason series for the first time since 1963 (when they were also swept), the TBS cameras did keep finding this guy, on the right, who was apparently with his friend, on the left. At the least, they were wearing jackets that matched save for the team stitched on the front. At this moment, there's one out to go.

Final out can be seen here.

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The Fall of the 2012 New York Yankees

Andy Pettite watches as the Yankees lose to the Tigers, 8-1 and four games to none.

A-Rod's final at-bat of the 2012 season

Curtis Granderson in the Yankees dugout during their elimination from the 2012 postseason

Jayson Nix pops up to end the Yankees 2012 season

Prince Fielder calls for it

Tigers celebrate winning the 2012 AL Pennant

Previous “Fall of ...” treatments: 2011, 2010.

In 1922, the upstart New York Yankees played in only their second World Series, once again against John McGraw's New York Giants, and got swept in four. The next year they'd finally beat the Giants for their first World Series title.

In 1963, the Yankees played in their 12th World Series in 14 years, once again against the Dodgers, previously hapless of Brooklyn, now of Los Angeles and led by “the Jewish Kid,” Sandy Koufax, and got swept in four.

In 1976, the Yankees, newly owned by George Steinbrenner after falling into decline under CBS ownership, made it back to their first World Series in 12 years and faced the powerhouse Cincinnati Reds. They got swept them in four.

In 1980, the “Bronx Zoo” Yanks, which won it all in 1977 and '78, during which they used George Brett's Royals as a stepping stone to the title, were not only finally defeated by the Royals; they got swept by them.

That's the last time the New York Yankees have been swept in a postseason. Until today, when the Detroit Tigers knocked them off, 8-1.

During the last few days I've witnessed, at least online, a lot of teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling from Yankees fans.

One friend, or a friend of a friend, a die-hard Yankee fan posted this short-term-memory lament during today's game:

What would George Steinbrenner have done after watching this totally disinterested Yankee lineup?

Here are some of the answers he got:

  • Kicked some a** and gotten out the checkbook
  • Flirted with a bikini model in the stands?
  • Probably would have fired Billy Martin

Ian O'Connor of ESPN New York has told A-Rod to hit the road, jack. He said the 2012 Yankees had no business playing for the title and asked Detroit to end their (or his) misery.

It has. For the second year in a row.

So who was the last team to do that to the Yankees? Beat them two years in a row in the post-season? That would be John McGraw's New York Giants in 1921 and 1922.

We've come full circle. Start spreading the news.

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