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The Boys of 'Girls': Why Feminist Filmmakers ♥ Men

Girls, Season 1: Jessa's wedding'

Season 1, Jessa's wedding. The horror, the horror.

I've got a piece up on Salon about the male characters in women-helmed TV shows and movies, including “Girls,” “Enough Said,” “Laggies” and “Obvious Child,” and how the women in these stories are often awful, while the men are often supportive. I called the piece:

“You Like Us! You Really Like Us!”
The positive portrayal of men from Lena Dunham and female filmmakers

Someone at Salon called the piece:

“You Like Us! You Really Like Us!”: On “Girls” men get better treatment than they deserve

I guess they wanted to work “Girls” into the title.

At the end of the piece, I speculate that the titular characters of “Girls” might finally be maturing. Are they? The first episode premiered last night. Thoughts:

  • Hannah is in a better spot. She published an article in The New York Times and received another goofy assignment, which she went after with her usual brand of laziness and quirkiness.
  • Marnie backslid. With Desi. Eww. I imagine people around the country screaming “Noooooo!” at their TV sets. 
  • Why was Marnie so happy reading Hannah's piece, btw? In it, she calls Jessa her “best friend.” Would Marnie really let that go by?
  • How do Adam and Jessa live? Is he still working? He's backsliding as well. He's much less interesting with Jessa than he was with Hannah. She's draining the artist out of him. 
  • I didn't buy Ray and Shosh's breakfast conversation about Paul Krugman. Put it this way: It was definitely a pre-Trump convo. And even then, it seemed cheaper/snarkier than Ray, and “Girls,” would normally allow.
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