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SLIDESHOW: The Late, Great, 2014 Minnesota State Fair

  • SLIDESHOW: It's dollars to donuts (or french fries ... or pronto pups ... or all-you-can-drink milk ...) that our state fair/ Is the best state fair in our state. P and I slipped out of Washington last week to visit family in Minnesota and attend the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday. We wound up being part of a record-setting crowd that day: 252,092

  • Why do I love the Minnesota State Fair so much, less so the Washington version? Is it nostalgia? Giant Slide? Pronto Pup? Root beer? I'm guessing nostalgia has a lot to do with it but the Minnesota version simply could be better. 

  • One of my first stops. You call it corn dog; we call it pronto pup.

  • In the Agriculture Building, P and I were won over less by the corn art than by the artistry of old feedbags.

  • P and Jordy rock out to “Twist and Shout” at the Giant Singalong, a new (perhaps “Glee”-inspired?) addition. Cost? Nuttin.

  • You know the Paul Westerberg song “Skyway”? That kept playing in my head as we stood in line to board the Skyride. Except my version went “I'll take the Skyride/ High above the Twinkies being deep-fried ...” That's one thing I didn't get, by the way: something deep-fried. I wanted something really, really bad for me. Next time. 

  • The best part of the Skyride was less the view than just getting away from the crowds for 60 seconds. 

  • Yeah, these guys. 

  • Here's the Giant Slide from the Skyride ...

  • ... and here it is after my dismount. 

  • P, who will go on any roller coaster in the world, the crazier the better, refused to enter this fairly sedate maze/treasure hunt. She says they scare her. 

  • Milk is big in the Midwest.

  • The Dairy Building girls. Oh, and 1 boy. I recommend the chocolate malt.

  • We also saw one of the dairy queens being sculpted in butter.

  • Ye Old Mill is a ride in the dark in a rickety little boat that takes you past decades-old dioramas that don't make much sense anymore (leprechans; three little pigs). So it's appropriate that the Minnesota GOP (rebranded “Growth & Opportunity Party”) is right next door.

  • Just a reminder where all of those french fries go.

  • The Midway at 5 pm. Still packed. When are these people going to leave?

  • That's about the time we arrived at the Grandstand for Music-on-a-stick. The music? Eh. But it was nice to sit down for a while

  • The view from the Grandstand.

  • Whirly girly gig, who can stop this kid?

  • I mean this one. Ryan's 11th-hour attempt at winning stuffed animals came to naught. So did my attempts to win something for him. I did blast two of the three superheavy milk bottles down with a baseball, but the only consolation prize I got was the fact that the ticket taker/barker immediately shooed me away. As if I were a threat. In my mind it was a kind of victory.

  • *FIN*
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