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Tuesday September 03, 2013

Trailer of the Day: Errol Morris' 'The Unknown Known: The Life and Times of Donald Rumsfeld'

First, Bob McNamara in “Fog of War” and now Donald Rumsfeld:

Somehow I get the feeling he's not learning any of the 11 lessons Robert McNamara learned--let alone the lessons the directors of Shin Bet learned in fighting terrorism in Israel. Rumsfeld's a little too pleased with himself, isn't he? It's a bit scary. That one may smile and smile and be a douchebag.

Somewhere, Charles Ferguson is pissed off.

“The Unknown Known” is making the festival circuit and will be released later this year.

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Thursday July 18, 2013

Trailer: Dear Mr. Watterson

A lot of the movies I'm most interested in seeing this fall are docs: “Salinger” in September, and this one, “Dear Mr. Watterson,” about the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, which opens on November 15:

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Tuesday May 14, 2013

Trailer of the Day: 'The Congress' by Ari Folman

This looks amazing:

It's about actors being bought and digitalized away but it could be about any of us being bought and digitalized away. That's the movement in our society now. Is the movie about all that's lost in that grand bargain? This grand bargain? The one I keep making with you? And the fact that we can't go back from where we came?

The writer-director is Ari Folman, who made “Waltz with Bashir” a few years ago. The source material is the novel “The Futurological Congress” by Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006), who wrote “Solaris.”

It's going to be playing at Cannes, apparently, and released in France on July 3. And in the U.S.? Silence so far.

Via Hollywood Elsewhere.

“Now smile.”

Robin Wright in "The Congress": Now smile.

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Thursday May 09, 2013

Trailer of the Day: Captain Phillips (2013)

Thoughts on this:

  • Hanks looks pretty good. This seems like a good role for him: a grounded, true-life, life-or-death movie. The human-sized hero.
  • Paul Greengrass as director? I hope the movie is more “United 93” than, say, “Green Zone.”
  • I really need to see “Bloody Sunday,” Greengrass' first big movie, which was about the massacre of Irish protestors on Jan. 30, 1972; same as the U2 song.
  • Why oh why did Capt. Phillips have to be from Boston?

Opens October 11.

Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips

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Tuesday April 16, 2013

Theory: In 'Man of Steel,' Krypton Lives

I wrote about this just a few days ago but the new trailer reinforces the notion: In the new Superman movie, Krypton, Kal-El's homeworld, lives. It doesn't blow up. 


  1. “I’ll be honest with you, there’s no Kryptonite in the movie,” says director Zack Snyder. (Source: Entertainment Weekly cover story.)
  2. “This film reveals that even on Krypton, young Kal-El was a special child, whose birth was cause for alarm on his home planet.” Which gives Jor-El a reason, besides the destruction of Krypton, to send his baby son away in a rocket ship. (Source: Entertainment Weekly cover story.) 
  3. In “Superman II” Gen. Zod tried to take over the Earth, since there was no longer a Krypton to take over. In the new teaser, he doesn't try to take over Earth. He simply asks for Kal-El back. But back where? (Source: “Man of Steel” teaser.)
  4. Zod also refers to Kal-El as “one of my citizens.” But citizen of what? (Source: “Man of Steel” teaser.)

And now we have the new trailer, trailer #3, in which:

  1. We see a battle on Krypton, not Krypton exploding.
  2. We see Zod berating a woman thus: “You believe your son is safe?!” It's obviously Lara he's talking to. But how? Isn't this after Kal-El is shot into space? And isn't that generally when Krypton blows up? Yet there they are, talking.
  3. We see Zod shouting, “I will find him!” amdist a Kryptonian backdrop.

Here's the new trailer:

This trailer, by the way, is the one that most recalls “Superman: The Movie”: from the dialgoue between Jor-El and Lara about their child's place on Earth, to Lois naming Kal-El, from the S-like Kryptonian symbol on his chest, “Superman.”

As for Krypton living, what do you think? Am I missing something? I just can't get around Zod extracting Kal-El from Earth rather than battling him for it. The only reason you don't battle someone for a planet is if you already have one.

June 14.

ADDENDUM: More speculation in the comments field.

Jor-El watches an attack on Krypton in "Man of Steel"

That's Jor-El. But that doesn't seem like a planet blowing up. It seems like soneone's attacking.

Zod yelling "I will find him!"

And this is Zod yelling, “I will find him!” Seems like the same place. Seems like Krypton.

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