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Saturday January 05, 2013


I got the following email message about a week after following Russell Crowe on Twitter:

Twitter message: Similar to Russell Crowe

Similar to Russell Crowe? Seth Green?

I guess they are both actors.

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Thursday April 26, 2012

Lead Me on Twitter

Jerry Seinfeld, in his 1998 HBO concert film “I'm Telling You for the Last Time,” did a great bit on standing ovations:

“There's always a few people who don't really want to do it. I've seen those people, they're always like [pantomimes sitting, looks glumly left and right], 'Are we doing this now?' [reluctantly stands, slowly applauds].”

Here it is:

That's me with new technology. I'll wait out Laser Discs for DVDs. I'll wait out MySpace for Facebook. I'll look around glumly. “Are we doing this? Really?” Then I'll go. I'm the last man standing. The uncool version.

Which is a roundabout way of letting you know I've finally joined Twitter.

When I first heard about Twitter with its 140 characters and dweeby name, I assumed it would go the way of Laser Discs. Instead it's thrived, and increasing numbers of people have suggested I get an account. “If you're going to have a website,” they say, “you need...”

Unfortunately being last means playing catch up, which is what I'm trying to do now. Twitter calls them followers but to me they're leaders: folks who can show me the way. So if you'd like to be one of my leaders, please follow me on Twitter:!/ErikLundegaard

Because apparently we're all doing this.

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Friday March 23, 2012

Which Deleted SPAM Comment is the Best SPAM Comment? You Decide!

Is it this:

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Your very good expertise, I to you write something very like — Burberry Outlet

Or this?

“the most is the article content can cause the resonance of the readers.great post,i will bookmark it.and run to good future, perfect!” --Nike Air Max Penny 1

Me, I'm gonna keep on chgugnig.

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Saturday March 03, 2012

An SQL Error a Day

A few months back, attempting to post something, I ran into a massive SQL error that essentially blocked the blog from displaying properly. My guy, Tim, fixed it. He wrote, “Whatever the new post was, it had some glitch in it that acted as a road block; it tried and failed to load that and couldn't move any further.” He added the following about the new post:

It wasn't intelligible at all and had to go ...

Funny. I think that about almost every post.

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Wednesday November 09, 2011

A Strong Female Lead?

More Netflix nonsense.

Based on “Eat Drink Man Woman” and “The Brothers,” Netflix recommends the following films with A STRONG FEMALE LEAD:

Netflix's Movies with a Strong Female Lead

Nice. Two women who are scared and one who is grimy and chained for your pleasure. Seriously, Netflix, there's gotta be a better way you can handle this kind of thing.

Other Netflix movies with strong female leads include “Revenge of the Bridesmaids” (comedy), “Practical Magic” (comedy) and “The Housemaid” (Korean sex abuse). But at least they include “Jane Eyre,” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” and “Winter's Bone.” At least they got a few right.

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