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Thursday February 28, 2013

Coming Soon

Coming Soon: Man of Steel (2013)

I still miss the spitcurl.

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Saturday November 24, 2012

Face Front, Dark Knight!

This is pretty funny. Could be funnier, but I like the basic premise: “The Avengers” (channeling Stan Lee) equals fun; “The Dark Knight” (channeling Frank Miller) not so much:

You could include James Bond in the mix now, too. He's gone Dark Knight on us.

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Superman vs. Batman: Last Word

“The appeal of flight. I mean … Batman’s got a cool car. But flight is what really captures people’s imaginations. To take two or three running steps and to soar into the air. That’s everybody’s dream.”

--Christopher Reeve, being interviewed for the doc, “Making Superman: Filming the Legend,” near the end of his life.

Christopher Reeve as Superman

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Tuesday November 20, 2012

Supergirl Can't Get a Date

One of the things I came across while doing internet research for my review of “Supergirl” (1984) was this cover from Feb. 1973:

Supergirl No. 3 cover

It's a perfect example of why Supergirl never took off as a character. It's the third issue of her own pub. Is she fighting supervillains? No. She's crying. She's alone. Because she's not with the cool, handsome people inside. It's the cover of a “Young Love” comic. (I think I wound up owning that couch, btw, circa 1995.)

I like the cat licking her hand. It's her only comfort. She's a cat lady in the making. I like the self-pity and passivity inherent in Supergirl's thought balloon.

Then there's the costume. As feminism gained strength, DC Comics responded by cutting Supergirl's blouse lower and taking away her skirt for hot pants. Someone cue James Brown. Please please please.

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Thursday August 23, 2012

The Burden of the Secret Identity

Love this:

Screw It, I'm Iron Man

Came to me by way of my friend Erika, who got it via George Takei, who apparently got it from a fan. It's the quick version of why the ending to “Iron Man” was so refreshing.

Further reading:

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