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Friday December 13, 2013

The Seventh Rule of Seattle Traffic

7. The lack of a blinker does not mean the driver isn't turning; a flashing blinker does not mean a turn will be made.

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Wednesday October 23, 2013

Outer Space Needle

This could also be known as the “Suck it, Ward!” post, since our friend Ward is no fan of the Space Needle. Thinks it's ugly. Most of the time I dig it. Tonight? On the bikeride home? With a low fog and evening sun above glinting off the top? It looked like some visitation from another planet. This iPhone photo doesn't do it justice.

Outer Space Needle: The Space Needle in a low fog

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Wednesday October 02, 2013

Letters from Readers

I got this email the other day as a result of this post from last year:

It is interesting to note your interest in the existence of lesser known residents of the SEATTLE area. One such  personality was my daughter, Tracia, who taught school in Portland and Seattle, performed on stage throughout the Northwest, attended Ringling Brothers Clown College, joined Floyd Schmoe in peace-related activities including going to Tashkent with a group of Seattle residents dedicated to building a peace park, and now lies in her grave in Issaquah. A white marble bench stands in memorial to her life in Seattle's Peace Park near University bridge. This past weekend Tracia's stepfather and I visited her grave and the site of her bench. How pleased I am that although the park had been rearranged, a bench still stands, as it has for the 20 years since her untimely death due to the rare disease Creutzfeld-Jacob, the human form of Mad Cow, which developed from a tainted injection of Human Growth Hormone.

So I appreciated seeing your article some time ago and always value my memories of Seattle and Tracia.

Here's a shot of the bench:

Tracia Brook Newman Hagy, bench in the peace park in Seattle

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Friday September 13, 2013

The Fourth Rule of Seattle Traffic

4. When confronted with a situation requiring either efficiency or politeness, choose politeness.

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The 13th Rule of Seattle Traffic

13. A long line of cars trailing behind a Seattle driver is a sign of the driver's patience and kindness and a testament to their moral superiority. You will often see these drivers, even with a long, impatient line behind them, waving cars in front of them to “go ahead” with a smile. In Seattle, this is known as “the long tail.” Drivers with short or non-existent tails are generally recent emigres from the east coast and should be avoided.

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