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Statue, Jr.

This was unveiled in front of Safeco Field today. Not as beautiful as Junior's real swing, of course, but that's tough to top. Actually, the more I look at this, the more I like it. It's got that cocksureness that Junior had post-swing. Kinda like: “Yep.” I'll see it in person on Monday night with Andy—if not sooner. 

Ken Griffey Jr. statue

The sculptor is Lou Cella, who's done quite a few bronze statues for various teams in the Midwest, including Ron Santo for the Cubs, and Frank Thomas and Paul Konerko for the ChiSox.

“It was nice,” Griffey said after the unveiling. “It looked like me.”

How many of Junior's homeruns did I see in person? Close to 50. Kiss it goodbye.


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Posted at 04:42 PM on Thu. Apr 13, 2017 in category Seattle Mariners  


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