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Monday May 26, 2014

Quote of the Day

“Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the N.R.A. They talk about gun rights. What about Chris’s right to live? When will this insanity stop? When will enough people say, ‘Stop this madness; we don’t have to live like this?’ Too many have died. We should say to ourselves: not one more.”

-- Richard Martinez, father of Christopher Michael-Martinez, one of six people killed at UC Santa Barbara during a shooting spree on Friday. Adam Gopnik commends the speech in a post, “Christopher Michael-Martinez's father gets it right,” which is much recommended as well.

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Saturday May 24, 2014

Miss Me Yet? Part III

“We had a couple of meetings with [Pres. George W. Bush], and there were detailed discussions and briefings on cyber-security and often terrorism, and on a classified program. With the cyber-security meeting, he seemed—I was disturbed because he seemed to be trying to impress us, the people who were briefing him. It was as though he wanted these experts, these White House staff guys who had been around for a long time before he got there—[he] didn’t want them buying the rumor that he wasn’t too bright. He was trying—sort of overly trying—to show that he could ask good questions, and kind of yukking it up with Cheney.

”The contrast with having briefed his father and Clinton and Gore was so marked. And to be told, frankly, early in the administration, by Condi Rice and [her deputy] Steve Hadley, you know, 'Don’t give the president a lot of long memos, he’s not a big reader.' Well, shit. I mean, the president of the United States is not a big reader?“

-- Richard Clarke, chief White House counterterrorism adviser, from Vanity Fair's ”An Oral History of the Bush Administration"

Miss Me Yet? George W. Bush

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Quote of the Day

“I felt like it was crushing the soul out of me. But it's still not as bad as 'Grown-Ups 2.'”

-- Alonso Duralde on Adam Sandler's new movie, “Blended.”

Adam Sandler in "Blended"

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Friday May 16, 2014

Quote of the Day

”He threw his . . . body around like a lightweight gymnast. His acting was honest, which is a good deal better than clever; he lived life with gusto; and he was already beginning to think of himself as some kind of political pundit, but we all make mistakes.”

-- Director Edward Dmytryk on John Wayne, his leading man in the film “Back to Bataan” (1945), one of the many war movies John Wayne made during the war years, as quoted in Scott Eyman's biography, “John Wayne: The Life and Legend.” Apparently Wayne was also proto-anti-feminist, even when it came to Wacs and Waves serving overseas. Dmytryk would go on to direct “Crossfire” (1947) and “The Caine Mutiny” (1954).

John Wayne Back to Bataan

John Wayne leading the charge ... on screen. 

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

Quote of the Day

“I have a lifelong aversion to people who don’t know things acting like not knowing is the default position. In high school, I once had someone make me feel really dumb because I had read Moby Dick (it was a fluke, I admit; I had not read any other classics as a kid) … and it affected me. It really did. It made me think it was uncool to know things. It made me embarrassed to raise my hand and say something because not knowing was cooler. That sort of downward pressure drives me nuts.”

-- Joe Posnanski, “Knowing Arky,” on a post about a trivia question during a Royals game. And no, Arky isn't the answer to the trivia question. But in the midst of it all, this gem of a paragraph. The first sentence in particular. I'm with him 100%. It's the worst part of this country. It's the worst part of cool.

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