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Wednesday May 02, 2018

Tweet of the Day

Following Rudy Giuliani's stunning admission on Sean Hannity's Fox News show that Pres. Trump reimbursed his lawyer, Michael Cohen, the $130,000 that Cohen paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels in the month prior to the 2016 election to keep quiet about her 2006 affair (or one-night stand) with Trump:

Ding dong, something's dead.

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Tuesday May 01, 2018

Quote of the Day

“In short, the effects of the Trump tax cut are already looking like the effects of the Brownback tax cut in Kansas, the Bush tax cut and every other much-hyped tax cut of the past three decades: big talk, big promises, but no results aside from a swollen budget deficit.

”You might think that the G.O.P. would eventually learn something from this experience, realize that tax cuts aren't magical, and come up with some different ideas. But I guess it's difficult for a man to understand something when his campaign contributions depend on his not understanding it.“

— Paul Krugman, ”How's That Tax Cut Working Out?," The New York Times

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Monday April 30, 2018

Scratch That. Reverse It.

If I taught a course on psychological projection, I couldn't ask for a more succinct example than this:†

The man is too dumb to even be a joke.

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Friday April 20, 2018

Quote of the Day

“In December, after the election, my colleagues in Washington wrote a Pulitzer-winning article about how the Russians had pulled off the perfect hack. I was on the F train on my way to the newsroom when I read it. I had no new assignment yet and still existed in a kind of postelection fog that took months to lift. I must‘ve read this line 15 times: ’Every major publication, including The Times, published multiple stories citing the D.N.C. and Podesta emails posted by WikiLeaks, becoming a de facto instrument of Russian intelligence.'

”The Bernie Bros and Mr. Trump's Twitter trolls had called me a donkey-faced whore and a Hillary shill, but nothing hurt worse than my own colleagues calling me a de facto instrument of Russian intelligence. The worst part was, they were right.“

— Amy Chozik, ”‘They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President’:†Covering Hillary Clinton's campaign frombefore it started to the very last moment,"†The New York Times. Worth the painful read.†

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Wednesday April 18, 2018

The Story for Now

“The story for now is that a good judge has kept the courtroom open, and when she got pushback about the name of the third client, she allowed a representative of the pressómeóto be heard. What I find heartening is that our institutions are functioning. The procedure Monday went as it should have under First Amendment jurisprudence.”

Robert Balin, a media attorney at Davis Wright Tremaine, who argued yesterday why the name of a “third client” of Michael Cohen's should be included in the public record. He prevailed, Sean Hannity's name was spoken, and there was an audible gasp in the courtroom. It was a Perry Mason moment. Balin was in court representing the interests of several news organizations, including The New York Times, AP and CNN.

We have a low bar for success in the Trump era (“our institutions are functioning”) but at least we passed it yesterday. As for the future? As Balin says, “The story for now...”

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