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Thursday March 16, 2017

Tweet of the Day: Underminer in Chief

Reacting to this WaPost article: “Trump's budget calls for seismic disruption in medical and science research.” Trump wants to make us as stupid as he is. 

Ornstein is a scholar at the American Enterprise Intstitute, a conservative think tank. 

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Sunday March 12, 2017

Quote of the Day

“The problem in Washington is not a Deep State; the problem is a shallow man—an untruthful, vain, vindictive, alarmingly erratic President. In order to pass fair and proper judgment, the public deserves a full airing of everything from Trump's tax returns and business entanglements to an accounting of whether he has been, in some way, compromised. Journalists can, and will, do a lot. But the courts, law enforcement, and Congress—without fear or favor—are responsible for such an investigation. Only if government officials take to heart their designation as ”public servants“ will justice prevail.”

-- David Remnick, “There Is No Deep State,” in The New Yorker

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Thursday March 09, 2017

Quote of the Day

“It has become a cliché of each February to present the argument that 'black history is American history,' yet that shopworn ideal has new relevance. A society with a fuller sense of history and its own capacity for tragedy would have spotted Trump's zero-sum hustle from many miles in the distance. Without it, though, it's easy to mistake the overblown tribulations he sold his followers for candor, not a con.”

-- Jelani Cobb, “Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and the Misuse of American History,” on The New Yorker site.

Is the fact that I studied history, and civil rights history in particular, the reason I saw through Donald Trump's bullshit? I doubt it. I saw it many miles off, and never understood why so many others didn't; why they bought into the con; why they let themselves get played, took and bamboozled. 

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Wednesday March 08, 2017


From John Cassidy's piece, “The House GOP Health-Care Plan is Harmful, Regressive and Wrong,” in The New Yorker:

The [GOP health-care] bill aims to take a wrecking ball to the principle of universal coverage. If enacted, millions more Americans would end up without any health care. For many people who purchase individual policies, especially older people, it promises fewer services for more money. And it also proposes a big tax cut for the rich, which would be financed by slashing Medicaid, the federal program that provides health care to low-income people.

Got that? 

  • Millions lose coverage
  • Medicaid slashed
  • Older people get less for more
  • Tax cuts for the rich

Evil. Remember in 2018.

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Monday March 06, 2017


From Paul Krugman's column today, “A Party Not Ready to Govern”:

It goes without saying that Donald Trump is the least qualified individual, temperamentally or intellectually, ever installed in the White House. As he veers from wild accusations against President Obama to snide remarks about Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s doing a very good imitation of someone experiencing a personal breakdown — even though he has yet to confront a crisis not of his own making. Thanks, Comey.

All of that. Particularly the last. Apparently Comey spent the weekend trying to fix Trump's fuck-ups—Trump's irresponsible, evidence-less charges against our most recent president—but Comey only has himself to blame. He made this happen. It's on his head. Now and forever. 

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