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Wednesday February 08, 2017

Green Card

From “Jill Stein is a Right-Wing Tool,” by Dan Savage, in The Stranger:

There are 46 Democrats in the United States Senate. Every single Senate Democrat voted against Betsy “Potential Grizzlies” DeVos, Trump's newly confirmed education secretary. Senate Dems “held the floor” overnight to protest the DeVos nomination. They peeled two Republican senators off DeVos, coming within a single vote of blocking DeVos and creating a 50-50 tie in the Senate that Mike Pence, in his role as president of the Senate, had to break, making Pence “the first vice president ever to cast a tie-breaking vote for a cabinet nominee.”

You'll never guess who Jill Stein blames for DeVos's confirmation.

Here's his answer:

He's right. What a tool.

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Monday February 06, 2017

Trump's Incompetence is Feature, not Bug

“Some choose to find comfort in the belief that [the Trump administration's] incompetence will undermine [its] anti-Americanism. Don't bet on it. Autocratic regimes with a demagogic bent are nearly always inefficient, because they cannot create and extend the network of delegated trust that is essential to making any organization work smoothly. The chaos is characteristic. Whether by instinct or by intention, it benefits the regime, whose goal is to create an overwhelming feeling of shared helplessness in the population at large: we will detain you and take away your green card—or, no, now we won't take away your green card, but we will hold you here, and we may let you go, or we may not.”

-- Adam Gopnik, “Trump's Radical Anti-Americanism: As the President rejects our foundational principles, all we can turn to is our instinct for shared defiance,” in The New Yorker

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Friday February 03, 2017

Quote of the Day

“Ending Dodd-Frank would be deeply misguided and likely to recreate the very conditions that led to the 2008 financial crisis, shuttered American businesses, and cost millions of Americans their jobs. The financial sector will get a nice sugar high for a few years, and then crash the economy.”

-- Michael S. Barr, professor of law and public policy at the University of Michigan, nonresident senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, and former assistant treasury secretary for financial institutions, in Fortune, Dec. 2016

It's put here today because Dodd-Frank is today's Trumpian crisis. We get at least one a day. Some are based on campaign promises Trump made, including this one, although I don't think he made it often, or loud, particularly when speaking before working class Americans. Other moves that Trump and the GOP have made that weren't based on stump speeches? Adding coal to water, allowing mentally disturbed people access to guns, finally standing up to Australia.  

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Thursday February 02, 2017

Tweet of the Day

Sen. Marco Rubio, the man whose spineless condition apparently causes excessive dehydration in the salivary glands, tweeted today about how Democrats tell him that “left wing radicals” are ordering them to oppose everything, and that's why we're getting Democratic obstruction. Right. It's not the previous eight years of unprecedented obstructionism by the GOP in general and Mitch McConnell in particular; it's not the blatant idiocy of our current illegitimate president, who can't get past himself long enough to offer up a few kind words at a National Prayer Breakfast, nor make a decent phone call to the prime minister of Australia; it's “left wing radicals.”

This was one response to his tweet. It's currently at 12k retweets and 34k likes. Add to those numbers, please. 

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Monday January 30, 2017

Tweet of the Day

Cf., this

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