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Saturday May 13, 2017

'Ineptitude So Surreal'

From the New York Times editorial board:

Americans were treated to yet another portrait of ineptitude so surreal as to qualify as a kind of performance art, or maybe slapstick. What other White House would schedule a visit by the Russian foreign minister and ambassador on the day after Mr. Trump fired the man in charge of investigating his campaign's ties to Russia? What other White House would bar the American media while admitting a Russian state photographer? What other White House would be astonished that the Russians would then distribute photos of their officials backslapping the grinning Mr. Trump inside the Oval Office?

It was a potent demonstration that Moscow has this president's measure. Let's hope that's all it's got on him.

Earlier, the editorial quotes Time magazine's cover story on Trump watching and rewatching moments of the James Clapper/Sally Yates testimony earlier this week, and reveling in what he interpretted as vindication for him—even as it was no such thing—as, the Times adds, “Vice President Mike Pence and several aides stood by silently.” That's what Pence has been this entire time: complicit in his silence. Never forget. 

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Sunday May 07, 2017

Tweet of the Day

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Wednesday May 03, 2017


I liked the doc about Weiner that came out last year well enough, but in the wake of the Weiner/Comey/Trump circle jerk last October, and the awfulness of November, I couldn't bear to think about it again. It was touted as an Oscar nominee for best doc and I was like: No. Enough. Fuck that guy. Can't bear to even think about it.

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Monday May 01, 2017

Another Day, Another Idiot Quote from Pres. Trump

This one was during an interview with Salena Zito for The Washington Examiner, a conservative magazine/website. They were talking Andrew Jackson, he brought up the U.S. Civil War in a way that made you wonder if he didn't realize Jackson wasn't alive during the U.S. Civil War, and then he added this: 

People don't realize, you know, the Civil War, if you think about it, why? People don't ask that question, but why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?

I don't know if he's trying to appeal to the usual racist cons, who claim secession wasn't due to their wanting to own human beings, or if he's just a massive dipshit, or both. 

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Monday April 24, 2017

Being Where

“I never thought I had the ability to not watch.” — Donald Trump, President of the United States, in a long-ranging and embarassing interview with the Associated Press.

“I like to watch.” — Chance the Gardener, “Being There”

Both men are talking about TV.

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