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Sunday May 07, 2017

Merci Mille Fois

Today's election results in France (66-33, good guys) is another reason to love France besides Marcel Proust, Jean Gabin, Jean Renoir, Max Ophuls, Henri-Georges Clouzot, Francois Truffaut, Louis Malle, Simone Simon, Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Marion Cotillard, Berenice Bejo, Olivier Assayas, Jacques Audiard, the whole of Paris, coffee shops, the shrug, and liberté, egalité and fraternité. Mille fois merci. Desolé pour notre president.

It's a reminder to the world: This voting machine kills fascists. 

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Saturday May 06, 2017

The Failure of the Will

George Will talks the talk. In a WaPost column this week, much shared on social media, he slams our current president out of the gate:

It is urgent for Americans to think and speak clearly about President Trump's inability to do either. This seems to be not a mere disinclination but a disability. It is not merely the result of intellectual sloth but of an untrained mind bereft of information and married to stratospheric self-confidence.

It's good stuff. What it doesn't include? Any kind of mea culpa from Will for supporting a Republican party that for decades pushed massive anti-intellectualism and a bullying stupidity over the airwaves and into our homes and eventually into Congress, the Supreme Court and now the White House. The trifecta. At any point, did Will question this? Wonder why he's on the same side as Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, Sean Hannity? How about Andrew Breitbart, Steve Bannon, Lucian Wintrich?

He renounces Trump. That's easy. Is he ready to renounce the GOP that made him?

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Thursday May 04, 2017

It's Been a Bad Day, Please Don't Take a Picture

This sums it up:

This, too:

Most of the press has been awful, couching it all in horse-race terms, and constantly trotting out ruling party talking points without any kind of fact-check. (I'm looking at you, NPR.) It's a horror show. My anger simmers, boils over, grows. Paul Ryan does not want to be near me right now. 

So the House passed their anti-Obamacare, pro-insurance company bill, 217-213. They still need the U.S. Senate to pass it, and that's a tougher get; but right now that's the only barrier to 24 million people losing health care. 

I hope Bill Conti and Sylvester Stallone condemn this shit. 

Crazy what you could've had, crazy what you could've had. 

UPDATE: Daily Kos has identified 24 House Republicans who voted yes on this abomination of a healthcare bill and are in districts in which Trump got less than 50 percent of the vote. In anticipation of 2018. Let's mash these mothers. 

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Tuesday April 18, 2017

The Far Right is Sending Children to Lie to Us

On the #fakenews, far-right site mrcNewsBusters, there's a brief article condemning the HBO show “VEEP” for a Ronald Reagan/AIDS joke. The title character, Selena Meyers (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), has a foundation, to which, on the spur of the TV moment, she adds another cause: AIDS. But the person who's doing the work tells her, “We can't do AIDS.” She reponds, “Who are you, Ronald Reagan?”

Someone on the site named Karen Townsend objected:

This is an old and discredited canard promoted by leftists in Hollywood because they still hate Reagan's very successful presidency. Reagan fought for AIDS funding in his home state of California and then again while he was President of the United States. It is very lazy for Hollywood writers to continue putting in such nonsense in dialogue.

The writing is at the first-grade level but it's the fake history that makes your head hurt. They can't even lie well anymore. Reagan's governorship ended in 1975. The AIDS epidemic began in the 1980s. The CDC began tracking the first few cases in 1981, it was called GRID for a while in 1982 (“Gay Related”), and then AIDS later that year (“Acquired”). 

Suggestion for future liars of America: Try to lie within the borders of mathematical possibility.

Although for its rabid base, this suffices:

Think about real history for a moment. We have now as of Easter Evening 2017 sunk so low as a culture that an ostensibly grownass actress of Semitic origin named Dreyfus is allowed to lodge a turgidly “trumped up” charge of savagery against a dead President based on putative bigotry. And it's done for Comedy Value!

Yes, think about real history for a moment.

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Saturday April 15, 2017

Marching Orders: Tax Day 2017

Tax Day March, April 15, 2017

This morning, by the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building in downtown Seattle.

It was a fraction of the people who were at the Jan. 21 Women's March but I kind of expected that. I didn't expect the speeches at the rally before the march to go on so long—to the point where people in the back, me among them, were chanting “March! March! March!,” and then just took off before waiting for the politicos to finish. The people in charge need to tighten that up.

They should also tighten the message. The focus is Trump. Too many speakers complained about Washington's unequal tax system, and the unconstitional lack of funding for public education as embodied in the McLeary decision. I get all that—but we were there to protest Trump. One speaker talked up how she never refered to Trump by name—since he's a narcissist and gets off on it. No, she called him “No. 45.” She thought she was reducing him in this manner, but, given what it means, I bet he gets off on that, too.

Worst of all? One speaker actually condemned Trump as another “in a long line of racist, sexist, colonialist presidents.” Yeah, no. I wasn't there to protest Taft, or Hoover, or Eistenhower, nor FDR, JFK, LBJ. Nor Obama. Not even W. I was there to protest Trump. Most of us were. Next time, please remember that.

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