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Beware Public Domain Movies

Just a reminder when searching for movies to stream: If it's a movie that's in the public domain you‘ll probably get more than one option. Last weekend I watched “Beat the Devil” for the first time and began it with a dead-awful version: blurry and dark (bottom pic). I recovered with the top-pic version, which has a vague, stretched kinescope feel to it, but at least you can see what you need to see. Chiefly Gina Lollobrigida.

two versions of BEAT THE DEVIL

Both of these were on Amazon Prime ... which, it turns out, has a third version, which I found after I’d finished the film. That one's even better.

Thus the lesson: If you‘re watching a really shitty streamed version of an old film, chances are it’s in the public domain. Look around.

Posted at 03:18 PM on Sat. Feb 23, 2019 in category Movies  
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