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Tuesday June 30, 2015

The Battle for the Biggest Non-James Cameron Movie Ever

Earlier this month, I wondered which of the two spring blockbusters would be the first to surpass the original “Avengers” ($1.518 billion) for third place on the worldwide box office chart.

Would it be “Furious 7” (currently at $1.511 billion) or “Avengers/Ultron” (currently at $1. 371 billion)?

The answer is “Jurassic World,” which, after 10 days, is at $1.245 billion. The others have pretty much stopped making much progress, particularly “F7,” but “Jurassic” is roaring up the charts like a T-Rex coming after us in the rearview mirror. 

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Sunday June 28, 2015

Box Office: 'Jurassic' Tears Stuffing Out of 'Ted'

Jurassic World

Just a second, Pixar. Yeah right, Ted. 

“Jurassic World” won the weekend for the third straight time, grossing $54.2 million for a tidy domestic total of $500.1 million. That makes it, after only 17 days, the fifth-highest grossing movie of all time, behind only the Camerons, “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight.” 

Adjust for inflation, by the way, and “J-Dub” drops to 54th place, just below “Finding Nemo” and just ahead of “The Towering Inferno.” But that ain’t bad. The latter was, after all, the No. 1 box-office hit of 1974.

Speaking of: “J-Dub” has now passed Avengers/Ultron to become this year’s No. 1 box-office hit. And climbing.

I thought “Inside Out” took a hit for a Pixar movie, dropping 42.4% in its second weekend and finishing second with $52 million; but that’s actually the lowest second-weekend Pixar drop since Pete Docter’s previous film, “Up,” which fell 35% in 2009.

Another by-the-way: Every Pixar movie but “Cars 2” in 2011 has earned more than three times its opening weekend tally, which puts “Inside Out” at least at a $270 million domestic gross. More likely it’ll gross between $320 and $360, which would make it the second or third highest-grossing Pixar movie of all time. (“Toy Story 3” is tops at $415.) 

Who didn’t have a good weekend? “Ted 2.” The original opened at $54.4 million in June 2012 on its way to $218 million domestic and $549 worldwide, and sequels should open better; but “Ted 2” opened with just $33 million. Why? Who knows? I don’t get why is opened so big three years ago and why it opened so relatively small this weekend. Maybe Seth MacFarlane fans figured he only had one really good talking teddy bear movie in him. Maybe they were put off by “A Million Ways to Die in the West” or “We Saw Your Boobs.” Maybe his 15 years are up. No clue.

“Spy” finished the weekend fourth ($7.8 million), then “San Andreas” ($5.2), then “Dope” ($2.8). 

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Sunday June 21, 2015

Pixar's Back, Baby, But It's Still Jurassic's World

Jurassic World gift shop

Please exit through the gift shop.

First some background: Only four movies have grossed more than $300 million domestically after 10 days of release. The first three are superhero movies, while the last (and biggest) is this weekend’s box-office winner:

“Jurassic World” fell off only 51% to take in $102 million in its second weekend. Now that it’s knocking on $400 million, where will it stop? Probably not before $600 million, which only three films have breached: “Avatar,” “Titanic,” “Avengers.” And might it hit the rare (just “Avatar”) $700 million mark?

Of course even then it wouldn’t match what “Jurassic Park” did in 1993—if you adjust for inflation. “Jurassic Park” is 16th all-time in that category with $746.4 million. Apparently we like our dinos.

Apparently we also like our Pixar. “Inside Out,” the new animated feature from writer-director Pete Docter (“Monsters, Inc.,” “Up”), finished second for the week with $91 million. That’s the second-best Pixar opening ever, after “Toy Story 3.”

We were hungry for good Pixar. Earlier this century we’d been spoiled. In the nine years between 2001 and 2009, Pixar released seven original (that is, non-sequel) films, most of which were not only superlative, they were among the best animated movies ever made:

  • 2001: “Monsters, Inc.”
  • 2003: “Finding Nemo”
  • 2004: “The Incredibles”
  • 2006: “Cars” (a misfire)
  • 2007: “Ratatouille”
  • 2008: “Wall-E”
  • 2009: “Up”

And since the move to Disney? We’ve gotten a great sequel (“Toy Story 3”), two lackluster sequels (“Cars 2” and “Monsters University”), and a so-so original (“Brave”). But everyone’s loving “Inside Out”: 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, raves from everyone I know.

Melissa McCarthy’s “Spy” keeps hanging on. It finished in third with $10 mil to bring the total up to $74. “San Andreas” shook out another $8 mil ($132 domestic, $414 worldwide), while the Sundance fave “Dope” opened in 2,000+ theaters and grossed $6 mil for fifth place.

Worldwide, “Jurassic World” is now at $981.3 million even as “Furious 7” and “Avengers/Ultron” have slowed to a crawl.

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Sunday June 14, 2015

Did Anyone Predict a $204 Million Opening Weekend for 'Jurassic World'? Short Answer: No

Jurassic World box office record

204 million Jurassic dollars can't be wrong.

That's a T-Rex-sized opening all right.

“Jurassic World” had the second-biggest domestic opening of all time (unadjusted) when it pulled in $204 million this weekend. Only “Marvel's Avengers” in 2012 opened bigger: $207 million. Keep in mind: “Jurassic”'s are still estimates; there's a chance it can add another $4 mil on Sunday that wasn't anticipated. 

Did anyone see this coming? I certainly didn't. I was sideswiped by it as if by a huge T-Rex.

In its summer box-office predictions, Entertainment Weekly figured “Jurassic” as the No. 2 movie of the summer (after “Avengers/Ultron”), with a domestic total of $295 million. Which “Jurassic” will demolish by next weekend on its way north of $500 million.

Hitfix predicted $300 million and behind both “Avengers” and “Minions.” 

Vulture figured “Jurassic” for $240 million, behind “Avengers,” “Minions” and “Inside Out.” 

Bloomberg? “$85 million in its debut and $260 million in total in North America.” 

So no, no one saw this coming.

Even as late as Thursday, EW crossed its fingers for a $125 mil opener.   

What a difference a year makes. Last year we didn't get our first $100 million opening until November, and it seemed like the era of the “spectacle film” might be over. But it was just dormant. This year we've already had three $100 million openers and haven't officially hit summer yet. And “Star Wars VII” lies ahead. 

The No. 2 movie for the weekend, meanwhile, was Melissa McCarthy's “Spy,” which did OK given the circumstances: It fell by only 45% to pull in another $16 mil. But at $56.9 it looks to be the second McCarthy film (after “Tammy”) to not hit the $100 mil mark.

The other opener, “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” took in $210K in 15 theaters.

“Jurassic” also did well internationally, pulling in another $307 million, for a worldwide total of $511 million. That's a big bite. 

ADDENDUM: I was right: “Jurassic” did better than anticipated Sunday and its Weekend Actuals made it the top box-office opener of all time with a $208 million weekend. Where she stops, nobody knows. 

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Saturday June 13, 2015

'Jurassic World' Rules World

I liked the first “Jurassic Park” well enough but not enough to see the sequels, and of this year's potential summer blockbusters this was the one I cared least about. Trailers didn't help. What do you do after all the “Jaws” movies? You make the shark super-smart as in “Deep Blue Sea.” What do you do after all the dinosaur-park movies? You make the new dino super-smart. As here. 

Anyway, it appears I'm alone in this sentiment. Early reports indicate “Jurassic World,” starring Chris Pratt and Ron Howard's daughter, will pull in $162 million in the U.S. this weekend, which would be the fifth-best opening of all time, unadjusted for inflation, behind the two Avengers flicks, the third “Iron Man,” and the last “Harry Potter.”

The movie also opened well abroad on Wednesday, pulling in $16 mil in a single day in China.

Anyone see it?

For summer slop, beats Transformers anyway.

Jurassic World

Pratt can't hold 'em back.


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