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Producers Guild Goes Long on 'The Big Short'

Here's a list of movies since 1990 that the Producers Guild of America has chosen best picture that didn't go on to win the Oscar for best picture:

1992 The Crying Game
1995 Apollo 13
1998 Saving Private Ryan
2001 Moulin Rouge!
2004 The Aviator
2005 Brokeback Mountain
2006 Little Miss Sunshine

A short list. Two years ago, too, they split on “Gravity” and “12 Years a Slave” and the latter won the Oscar for best picture. Otherwise, since 2006, they've nailed it. If you want to call prefiguring the Oscar “nailing it.”

I mention all this because last night the PGAs chose “The Big Short” for best picture.

Good news for “The Big Short” but there are still no clear frontrunners in the field; I can still see “The Revenant” or “Spotlight” having a go. I think it's down to these three. Three of my four favorite films of the year.

An even more accurate predictor, The Directors Guild of America, announces its winner on Feb. 6.

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