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Thursday March 15, 2012

Jordy's Reviews: Hugo (2011)

My 10-year-old nephew Jordy, a fan of Hitchcock, takes on Scorsese...

Hugo is an amazing, spectacular film that is charming, dark, and quite amusing, at the same time. Itís a book of spectacular stories, amazing characters, and is a gift for the ages.

Hugo is the story of an orphan who lives in a clock at a train station. He steals many things and likes to tinker with many things and tries to fix the automaton that his father tried to fix before he was killed in a fire. His notes of the automaton are taken by a toy shop owner which Hugo has previously stolen from. He makes friends with the toy shop ownerís goddaughter, and they have an adventure beyond what you normally expect from an adventure. The movie's slow pacing will not bore the kids, and they will also not be bored by the absence of action, hopefully.

Most people will get immersed in the story of Hugo and find themselves leaving the theatre with a smile, the smile a reminder of the magic of Hugo. The music is magical, with the entire score impressing. The script is fantastic, with every sentence putting a charm on you. The acting of the entire ensemble cast was very impressive. The camera is great, with a perfect display of whatís happening. Oh, and for a movie that was made in 3D, it passes the test, for although you should not expect the 3D to pop out as if it was an action movie, because the 3D, instead of throwing it in randomly, like most 3D movies, it uses it only for being literal, which is fantastic.

You will find yourself caring about the characters, and get nervous for the characters in the rare action scenes to come. Itís a hard movie to get right, but the whole crew nailed it, and pulled off a masterpiece of filmmaking that is hard to beat. Oh, and if youíre reading this review and you still havenít seen this movie, go see it! Itís one of the best of 2011, and I mean it.



poster for Martin Scorsese's Hugo

Uncle Erik's review of “Hugo” here.

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Tuesday August 23, 2011

I'm Coming!

From my nephew, Jordy...

Iím Coming!

This is Jordan. I know I have not done something in a while, but itís because my dad deleted Microsoft Word accidentally, but we are getting a new computer, so I will be able to write reviews again, and Iím going to try to write one every week to make up for that. First thing some top 5ís and top 10ís. Iím writing this at Erikís house. Soon will be more reviews. Soon.

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Thursday March 10, 2011

Jordy's Movie Reviews: “The Ghost Writer” (2010

Another stellar review by my nephew Jordy, 9 years old going on 30, who, multitalented, is currently appearing in Southwest High School's production of “Les Miserables.”

I asked my Aunt Patricia about this movie, and she said it was rated ďR.Ē I was just pissed, and then I looked it up on Netflix. Itís PG-13. Oops. Patricia made a mistake.

So we were trying to rent “Inception” at a Redbox when my dad clicked on the Suspense category. I said to him, ďWhat, are you hoping there will be Hitchcock?Ē When I see “The Ghost Writer,” I say,Ē Why not rent thisĒ? So we did.

I fell asleep watching it twice, not because I was bored but because I was tired. So we finally watched all of it and I thought it was pretty good. Ewan McGregor stars as a ghost who has to edit an autobiography of a guy named Adam Lang. However, the first ghost died, so there is a bit of tension. Ewan McGregor has a strong performance as the ghost writer. Adam Lang also does well, and so do the rest of the actors. This is not a scary movie, even though there are some suspenseful parts. The script is pretty good, although there are a couple bad lines.

There are a lot of things to like about this movie, and there are very few not to. One thing though, was that I wish that it was scarier, because this whole movie, I thought something was going to happen, and I was really scared. It was funny how relieved I was that there was not one of those dang sudden shock clichťs. Itís a really entertaining film, even if it does have some scenes where Iím kind of bored.

Anyway, my biggest problem with this movie is the ending. Itís really hard to not spoil the ending, so Iíll try to leave out details. The ghost writer finds a hidden code thing in the book that he edited, and, instead of just telling the right people, he tells the person that he should not tell! Because of this, he gets in a car crash with the people who are trying to protect it! It doesnít exactly say he died in the car crash, but he most likely did, because the pages come flying from behind. I personally think they left out the scene where he gets really drunk, because it was totally insane to do that!

So, yeah, the ending sucks. But itís an entertaining movie. It gets the job done, and it is not predictable at all. This movie is really good, and even with that terrible ending, itís still one of the best of 2010. Itís in my top 20 of this year, but is it good enough to make the top 10? Drama! (My top 10 list is going to come after about five reviews. I think it will be released by the end of April.)

93% Okay For 14+

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Saturday January 29, 2011

Jordy's Reviews: “Tangled” (2010)

Another animated review by my nine-year-old nephew Jordy...

“Tangled” is a movie that my brother told me I would not know the plot of, for he saw it before me. I knew what it was about because I had looked up plot summaries and more trailers than the ones you see on TV. But even with that, and knowing the fairy tale, there was still enough that surprised me in this movie.

“Tangled” is a great movie. The basic plot is that a witch kidnaps a girl with the biggest hair of the entire kingdom, who is also the daughter of the king and queen. Is this supposed to be Rapunzel? Yes, it is. Anyway, a handsome thief, Flynn, goes to their lair and she wants to see the golden lights that appear on her birthday, so they set off on a quest.

I know youíve heard the story before with a little tweaks, but it works well enough. This is a movie that has songs with good lyrics and good voicing with or without songs. The action scenes are good but they lack someone achieving something. Itís pretty much use weapon, dodge, repeated over and over again. Because of that, the action scenes are a bit predictable, but still good. Itís Rapunzel who kept me attached, but for laughs, itís definitely either the horse Maximus or Pascal the frog. All the characters are well designed and can be funny. ďTangledĒ has good animation and a nice landscape, although I would have liked to see an animated movie that is good when most of the time, theyíre just talking. That would have been really, really cool.

Its best song is definitely ďI See The LightĒ, although it just beats ďMother Knows BestĒ by a tiny bit. The dialogue is mostly a thumbs up, with only a few bad lines making it not two thumbs up. I personally think itís just a little bit predictable. One of the movieís main themes is that love can go a long way. Itís definitely true. The bonding between Rapunzel and Flynn is probably my favorite thing about the movie. They bond very slowly, and the bond makes you feel like the bond will grow into love. It has a nice ending that closes the story perfectly, and it definitely has a good feeling to it.

Itís better than ďMegamindĒ and ďDespicable Me,Ē although just by a little. The two animated films that are better than this are ďToy Story 3Ē and ďHow To Train Your DragonĒ, but what animated film these days is? Just go buy tickets and see one of the best animated films of the year.

90% Okay For 4+

Next: “The Ghost Writer”

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Sunday January 23, 2011

Jordy's Review: “Despicable Me” (2010)

Another review by my nine-year-old nephew Jordy...

“Despicable Me” is a movie about raising kids, so is it despicable, or is it despicably wonderful? Itís wonderful, thatís what it is.

“Despicable Me” starts out with an intro like no other: a superkid. If youíre wondering what I mean, a kid drops to his death, when all of a sudden, the pyramid heís going to land on turns out to be inflatable. He flies through the air like superman, and from then on, the plot changes from a story about a naughty kid to a story about a tall bald guy, also with skinny legs, called Gru (Steve Carell). This man is trying to steal the moon.

Here comes my first complaint: how could he steal the moon? It doesnít belong to anybody, unless you count earth. So he steals a shrink ray to steal the moon, and it gets stolen from another villain called Victor (Jason Segel). So he tries to get in to Victorís compound to steal it back, and heís horrendous at it, but three girls come along selling cookies and get in easily. So he adopts them, and he bonds with them, and soon he has to choose the moon or the kids.

The plot gets a bit predictable, but I still think itís good. The humor is around gags for kids, but it is still goofy enough for adults. This movie is hilarious, although at times, it gets a little too silly. Steve Carell changed his accent to a Hungarian, I think. The rest of the cast is great, but Jason Segel is not as good as I thought the first time I saw this movie. The minions are my favorite characters and are easily the funniest part of the movie. The dialogue is good, but not great. It has some funny lines, like this one:

Layout: Gru tucking the girls in.

Margo: Letís read a book.
Agnes: Three Sleepy Kittens!
Gru: Oh, no, that book was accidentally destroyed maliciously.

(Dog thing snorts)

Lines like that are very nice, while some can be stupid, like this one:

Layout: Gru stealing shrink ray from Victor, Gru hanging from vents. Victorís pet shark tries to be Jaws and get Gru.

Victor: Quiet down, fish! Tell him to stop banging against the glass before he breaks it!

Anyway, once the movie starts getting predictable, adults might get a little bored. Kids will probably like the movie more than adults, though both my mom and dad liked it.

Itís a very good movie, and it definitely will get nominated for an Oscar for best animated film. And if you have not been keeping track, the first two are “How To Train Your Dragon” and “Toy Story 3.” (Iím not sure about “Megamind”).

Rating: 88%

Okay For 5+

Next Review: “Tangled” or “The Ghost Writer.” Comment on which!

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